Betty Vanden Bosch of the Chesterville Rotary Club came up with the idea for Canada 150 to commission the 15 red steel leaves that now decorate the town. This was made possible after the Township offered a grant to match the funds up to $5,000. The Rotary Club applied for the 13 leaves and two were donated by Kent and Duane Young of Industrial Stainless who built the leaves. Since the use of steel has lasted so well as evident through the silhouettes decorating the area since 1999, the Rotary Club stuck with the durable material. Also on the application were seven new snowflakes to distribute when the leaves are taken down in late October. Vanden Bosch explained that with the help of Kent Young, the pair came up with three designs in order to settle on the classic-looking dual leaf that was distributed on Thurs., June 1. The leaves were installed with the help of Countryman Electric, just in time for Art on the Waterfront. The Rotary Club is still accepting donations of any size to help offset the cost of the Canada 150 project.        Sawyer Helmer photo