Raheem Aman
Thompson Goddard photo

CORNWALL – The Green Party of Canada was founded in 1983 at Carleton University in Ottawa, and since then, has evolved into a party whose platform in the 2019 federal election reflects the values of this grassroots party of social justice, sustainability, respect for diversity and non-violence.

Raheem Aman is the Green Party of Canada candidate in the federal riding of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry for the 2019 election. He is described as “a passionate community leader and environmental activist” on the official Green Party of Canada website.

In a recent email to The Chesterville Record, Aman commented that he decided to become a candidate in the 2019 federal election because “we need to live in balance with nature, focus on running federal surpluses, shifting our political focus to border security and return to our true Canadian values.”

When asked what he sees as the role for a member of parliament, Aman responded that an MP should be committed to serving “his or her constituents wholeheartedly,” with integrity being an integral part of the job for members of parliament, mentioning “MPs ought to set out to establish dignity in the House of Commons, convey national pride by fighting for their beneficent vision for Canada, and be leaders in their respective communities, galvanizing the people not just to vote, but to take action and be involved in all levels of government.”

When asked about the main issues in this election, Aman feels locally in SDSG attracting young people to the riding with the opportunity for “good paying jobs”  and feels “shifting to a Green economy can create thousands of good paying jobs, create healthier, more beautiful environments,” with the main issue nationally in this election being integrity in those seeking political office, in light of the various scandals recently.

Aman concluded by commenting that people need to consider the issues in this election and then “vote on Oct. 21, no matter which way you vote.”