The Dundas County Players held their annual general meeting at the Old Town Hall in Winchester on Sun., Jan. 12. The 2020 group of directors was elected. Pictured here are, front row, from the left: Jack Guigue, treasurer-in-training; Aaron Dellah, treasurer; Marie Therese Robinson, president; Doree Hickey, secretary; Brenda Windmill and Elizabeth Barton, directors at large; and Tony Glen, past president. Back row, from the left: J.P. Leduc, webmaster; Sabrina Ventrella, second vice-president; and Joanne Ventrella, patron. Absent is Jim Perkins, vice president. Morin photo

Joseph Morin
Record Staff

WINCHESTER – The Dundas County Players (DCP) continue to bring great entertainment and live theatre to the area.

For the past quarter century, the theatre group has performed for Dundas county audiences in just about every kind of production. The future holds more of the same.

DCP held its annual general meeting at the Old Town Hall in Winchester on Sun., Jan. 12. Going into 2020, the DCP is expecting a good year.

There were a few wrinkles in 2019 that had to be worked out. In the past, the group had enjoyed a five-year lease for the theatre space at the Old Town Hall from the municipality.

This year the municipality asked for a change, reducing the lease from the original five years to a new two-year agreement.

Marie Therese Robinson, president of the DCP, explained: “The changes to the agreement include a reduction of the days that we have access to the theatre, from 25 days down to 18 days prior to the opening night of a production, and two days following the production, instead of three.”

However, during those 18 days when they have the run of the theatre, they will not have to accommodate other groups wanting to use the space, something they have had to do in the past.

“And there is no change in the rental rate,” said Robinson.

Still on the to-do list for the theatre group is replacing the HVAC system in the theatre. The current system has to be turned off during performances as it is too loud. “This makes it uncomfortably warm or cold depending on the season,” said Robinson.

The DCP has been working with North Dundas Township to resolve the issue.

“DCP has funds ear­marked for a replacement of the system, and the township has matching funds available,” said Robinson. “The original designs that we were working with would have cost us more than double what was budgeted to get it done.”

“We are still in discussions with the township looking for the best solution.”

In 2019 DCP not only delivered great performances for its community, it also donated to community causes. During the last production of the year they donated $400 from their concession stand at the theatre to Community Food Share.

At the same time, another local production group, A Bunch of People Arts and Events, donated $600 through the House of Lazarus to a family in Chesterville.

In the slower months, DCP is gearing up for another busy season.

Its upcoming 2020 productions are: On Golden Pond by Earnest Thompson, directed by Tony Glen (Apr. 17-26); 2-Across by Jerry Mayer, directed by Liz Barton (June 18-21); and Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood by Ken Ludwig, directed by Amanda Burger (Nov. 20-29).