Christina and John Thompson seated outside their new building, honouring A.T. David and family, located at 35 Main Street in Chesterville. Thompson Goddard photo

CHESTERVILLE–After months of being up for sale, the former A.T. David’s Community Shopping Centre, located at the corner of Main and Queen Streets in Chesterville, has been sold. John and Christina Thompson, life-long residents of North Dundas, purchased the building. After extensive renovations, it will provide residents and tourists pub-style refreshments and perhaps something sweet to accompany a coffee or tea.

Christina explained that Doyle’s will be a two-sided operation with the pub and eatery on one side and a sweets shop on the other. The pub will feature both craft and domestic beer, plus local and domestic wine, accompanied by pub fare such as shepherd’s pie, soup, sandwiches and other entrees.

For those with a hankering for something sweet to eat, an ice cream shop featuring home-baked goodies, speciality coffee and ice cream treats will be available on the other side of the building.

John explained they have possession of the building at 35 Main Street and are currently preparing for renovations to begin in late February or early March. Opening is planned for June 2020. Both John and Christina want their new business to enhance the community they have lived in for many years and provide an opportunity for their clients to experience a different dining experience in Chesterville.

The name of the business is a tribute to Christina’s mom, Edith Chambers, whose family’s nickname was Doyle. “[Mom] was our inspiration for the project because she was an amazing cook and fabulous hostess; anyone who entered her home felt like one of the family.” They both hope to create the same warm feelings and hospitality for their patrons.

In addition to running their new business, both Christina and John plan to continue in their present occupations. John is the proprietor of John Thompson Electric Ltd. and Christina is employed by the Stormont Dundas and Glengarry County Library.