Reeann Slater and Abby McFaul stand guard with security at the entrance to their Russell Fair entertainment display. Morin photo

RUSSELL – Organizers of the Russell Fair were disappointed that they could not hold their fair this summer.

They were determined to come up with some kind of idea to remind Russell residents that their annul fair would not be forgotten.

They came up with a plan of transporting the different sections of the fair to various homes in Russell who would decorate their yards to represent what would be going on at the actual fair and to make the idea more interesting, the different areas would compete with one another.

This year the fair would have been taking place from Thurs., Aug13 to Sun. Aug., 16.

The winner of the informal yard decorating competition was the fairs entertainment section designed and built by Reeann Slater and Abby McFaul.

The entertainment section featured what you would normally find at the actual Russell Fair. The entertainment section recreated on Settlement Lane in Russell featured an ATM, a tiny chip wagon, an evening of music with a band courtesy of modern technology, a beer garden as well as security.

The second place winners set up an interesting Agriculture Education Day display.

Created by Donna Lafrance, Jane Patterson and Liz O’Gorman the display featured a tree house turned into a school house, a small area for lawn tractors for children, a cow, flowers and a bench to rest for a moment, just like at the actual fair.