BERWICK – During the Oct. 27 North Stormont council meeting, Moose Creek Recreation Association (MCRA) president Ryan Villeneuve and Nick Forgues, vice president of the Moose Creek Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), made a presentation asking council to support “the planning of a new hall in Moose Creek.” These two organizations have met over the past few months to discuss solutions to many problems facing the utilization of the almost 100-year-old building, which is used on a regular basis by residents and community organizations.

The presentation provided information on the high cost of heating and electricity at the present location, as well as the significant cost associated with renovations required for compliance with accessibility regulations, building and fire codes as well as resolving structural issues. It was suggested during the presentation, the new building would be similar to North Stormont Place and located closer to outdoor activity centres in the community park. 

Members of council expressed their appreciation for the work done and were open to the suggestion of a new hall in Moose Creek. They accepted the report provided by Forgues and Villeneuve as well as agreeing to provide support for the further investigation planned by these two organizations as they move ahead in this undertaking.

A long-range financial plan for water and wastewater in the municipality was presented to council by BMA Management Consulting, followed by the approval of the new logo for the township with the transition to the new logo.

Several bylaws were passed during the meeting which included an agreement for animal control, a fire bylaw amendment and the seasonal closure of specified sidewalks. Questions were raised about sidewalks in Monkland and a sidewalk area in Finch. Coun. Steve Densham commented sidewalk snow removal was a sensitive topic that should be examined at budget time. 

Two motions put forth by Coun. Roxane Villeneuve concerning upcoming negotiations with Green For Life (GLF) and the use of a significant portion of the money from the Community Benefit Fund Agreement (CBFA) with Nation Rise Windfarm/EDPR for rehabilitation of the water towers in Moose Creek and Crysler were presented to council. The motion concerning the upcoming negotiations with GLF was defeated after discussion around the council table. The second motion concerning the use of money from the CBFA was discussed at length by council members before being defeated.