CASSELMAN – The Casselman Medical Centre has decided to lock their doors as a result of increasingly abusive behaviour by clients.

Some people visiting the centre have not observed self-isolating regulations.

The clinic’s new rule is that if you do not have an appointment, you will have to call the centre on 613-764-5440.

Once at the building, a client can expect complete a screening questionnaire and wait for a staff member.

While the Casselman Medical Centre has made these preventative measures, they are also promoting the idea of safe vaccines.

The centre is not, at the moment giving vaccinations to clients but have said the minute that situation changes they will let the public know.

A statement from the centre stated: “The vaccines approved for use in Canada work by sending a message to our body’s immune system to stimulate our natural immune response. Over 70,000 people were involved in the trials of the approved vaccines. The mRNA technology on which the vaccines are built started in the early 1990s, so this science is not actually new to us.”

As of this January more than 15 million people worldwide have been vaccinated.

“We know the vaccines protect us from getting COVID-19 and getting very sick from COVID-19.

A 94 to 95 per cent efficacy level, as seen with the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, is as good as the results of the best vaccines we have for preventing any disease. People who were vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus were about 20 times less likely to get sick with COVID- 19 than those who were not vaccinated. They also likely prevent us from spreading COVID-19 to our loved ones and those around us, although studies are ongoing. This level of efficacy will play a major role in helping slow spread and move us towards a post-pandemic Canada,” the centre’s statement said.

Ontario’s goal is to have every eligible person in the province vaccinated by the end of 2021.

Older adults and others at high risk will receive a vaccination before others.

The centre stated, “It will take some time to vaccinate enough of our community members and achieve shared protection through herd immunity. During this time, it is crucial that we all continue to follow public health guidance regarding masking, distance, hand washing and adequate ventilation, even after we are immunized – until experts say otherwise.”