Sandy Casselman 
LJI Reporter

EMBRUN – “Due to the pandemic and the uncertainty in the future of the contract, we decided to give six months’ notice and end Russell Transpo,” township of Russell Mayor Pierre Leroux said. “We can always revisit that in future years.”

The municipality’s senior politician uploaded a wrap-up video on YouTube following the Feb. 1 council meeting. During the brief recording, he gave an update on the status of the township’s cancellation of the contract with 417 Bus Line Limited, noting that staff negotiated a further reduction for the final contract price.

“We saved another $90,000, so that’s always a good thing,” Mayor Leroux said.

With the transportation service ending, many might be wondering what happens when COVID-19 is no longer an issue forcing employees to work from home.

“In the future, maybe a private industry will pick up the service or we might look at it at a municipal level as well,” Mayor Leroux said. “Time will tell.”