20 Jul 16

July 20, 2016

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The Avonmore Fair closes with a bang as the Canadian Cowgirls promote country pride

Kalynn Sawyer Helmer

Record Staff

AVONMORE – The Avonmore Fair was a great success and was bustling with people all through the weekend of July 15-17. The midway housed tons of games and rides for parents and kids alike, while the mini donuts, chip wagons and ice cream trucks sold tasty treats.

The Fair hosted huge numbers of competitors in the Western horse shows, dairy shows and beef heifer shows. Horse riders and 4-Hers riddled the fairgrounds showing off their animals for the crowds.

The Farmer Olympics picked up on Sunday afternoon and had kids participating and laughing heartily as they jumped into their coveralls, milked cows and towed buckets of water.

There were lots of things for visitors to do over the weekend, including the live musical shows and antique car exhibit. The general feeling of merriment led the Fair into the closing shows to end the weekend fun.

The Canadian Cowgirls blew into the Avonmore Fair Saturday evening and for the closing ceremony on Sunday to spread Canadian pride throughout the Fair. Dazzling in their red, white and sequins, the women performed daring stunts astride their horses to entertain the masses.

The act was a constant tribute to Canada as the riders performed to patriotic Canadian music while waving their flags. The Cowgirls got the kids involved and invited the young spectators into the arena to practise their racing techniques. The ladies taught the crowd how to do the Cowgirl wave and woop to let the performers know the audience liked the show. The Cowgirls were the last event of the Avonmore Fair weekend, sending the Fair out with a bang.