15 Oct 14

October 15, 2014


Fabienne Kagi of Finch Township completes her plowing segment of the Queen of the Furrow competition during the 2014 Stormont County Plowing Match, Oct. 11. Alyssa Waldroff, Kayla Manley, Molly McDonald also participated in the competition. Kagi returns as Stormont County Queen of the Furrow for 2014-2015. She will represent Stormont County in the Queen of the Furrow competion at the 2015 IPM next September.

Kagi remains Stormont Queen

CRYSLER — Fabienne Kagi of Finch successfully defended her crown as the Stormont County Queen of the Furrow at the 2014 Stormont County Plowing Match held Oct. 11 near Crysler at the Huybregts farm.

The competition involved plowing a furrow, being interviewed by a committee, and speaking at the dinner held the evening of the Plowing Match. Four contestants awarded points for each component.

Kagi entered the competition because she wished to become more involved in her community and to help promote the agricultural sector of it.  She is a member of the Volunteer Committee for the 2015 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo which will be held on her home farm next September.  She will continue to travel throughout the United Counties and beyond to promote rural society and agriculture.